It's no secret that I LOVE to travel. 

Planning a destination wedding?

From another country altogether?

Want  someone to capture your epic adventure?

Close or far, no matter how crazy the idea.


I want to be your third wheel!!!!

I offer discounts for travel because it's my absolute passion.

If you share an intense love for adventure, we should absolutely connect!!

Weddings, elopements, and lifestyle sessions all over the world are my dream-come -true.

Please don't be shy - I'd be SO excited to create a magical adventure together, anywhere in the world!

Places I'm dying to go,

(Norway, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Faroe Islands, Yosemite (California), Bali, Tulum (Mexico), Switzerland, Morocco, Jordan...)

A few locations that already have my heart, and I'd be SO excited to travel back to:

(Costa Rica, Iceland, Scotland, England, Newfoundland, Cuba, Western Canada, The PNW, Italy)

You get the idea :P


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